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17.11.2020 Quality of all activities
28.10.2020 We are continuously looking for new prospects
2.9.2020 New employees in CF&S Estonia AS
28.7.2020 CF&S will participate in Virtual 1-2-1 Meeting Week
21.4.2020 The Government of Estonia has supported shipping companies
17.3.2020 CF&S Estonia AS announcement regarding the spread of coronavirus
16.3.2020 In relation to the COVID-19 outbreak
3.2.2020 CF&S is excited to announce about broadening its partnership network


6.11.2019 CF&S has successfully contributed into Tashkent Metro Line extension in Uzbekistan
24.10.2019 CF&S Lithuania UAB has gained "TOP company 2019" title two years in a row
15.10.2019 CF&S Group has expanded
14.10.2019 Delivery of factory disassembled equipment from Germany to Uzbekistan has succeeded
5.9.2019 CF&S Estonia participates in Kazakhstan International Transport & Logistics exhibition 2019


26.07.2018 ISO certificate has been updated
04.06.2018 CF&S opened a new branch in Poland
23.04.2018 Transport and logistics exhibiton BreakBulk


28.08.2017 CF&S Estonia AS AEO sertificate
10.07.2017 New warehouse managers in CF&S Estonia
29.03.2017 CF&S Estonia customer portal
06.02.2017 CF&S Estonia New CEO


29.09.2016 Vilnius office to Klaipeda
20.09.2016 CF&S Moscow office has moved to new premises
22.02.2016 CF&S Lithuania´s new CEO


23.04.2015 CF&S Estonia has been issued a new permit - authorized shipper certificate


23.12.2014 Lithuania adopts euro
16.07.2014 CF&S Estonia AS was given the status of authorized consignee
13.05.2014 CF&S Lithuania UAB is running fully operational branch office in Klaipeda
14.04.2014 CF&S Estonia AS has been issued the customs bonded warehouse and terminal license
01.03.2014 CF&S Estonia opened its new warehouse


30.12.2013 Latvia adopts euro
28.05.2013 The merger of logistics companies Transekspedicija LV and CF&S Latvia has been finalized


07.11.2012 CF&S Estonia became LTA member
03.10.2012 CF&S Estonia acquired Latvian logistics company
27.06.2012 Baltic Line switches loading port in Estonia
25.05.2012 Logistics company CF&S Estonia plans expanding internationally
21.05.2012 Sales revenue of logistics company CF&S Estonia grew to reach approximately 37 million EUR last year
17.05.2012 Transit growth ensured record result for CF&S Estonia


21.12.2011 Estonian Logistics Cluster carried out Logistics Project of the Year


14.12.2010 CF&S and Navirail joined Estonian Logistics Cluster
06.05.2010 CF&S Estonia acquires forwarding company IK Speditor OÜ